Agency on Record

Music as the Ultimate Collision of Creativity and Technology

Episode Summary

Your quasi-intrepid hosts have lived through MTV, cassettes, Walkmans, CDs, Napster, iPods, Zunes (Google them), streaming, and the resurrection of vinyl. How are we supposed to listen to music these days and has that relationship changed as the technology for making, storing, transmitting, and listening to music has evolved in such a short time. Mike and Jason just want the beat to free their souls and to get lost in rock n' roll.

Episode Notes

We referenced a lot of articles in this ep:

Apple CEO Tim Cook on keeping humanity in playlists (???).

Forbes says people are listening to music more than ever...32 hours a week!

Business intelligence says the music industry is setting records with $43B in revenue last year, with the artists who make it getting a paltry 12%...and only if they hustle.